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Mission and Vision

To educate, empower, and engage individuals living with dementia, their caregivers, and the business community in order to create a community ready, willing, and able to successfully serve an aging population and their families.

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What is a dementia capable community?

A dementia capable community is one where all sectors of the community serve those with dementia and their families with dignity, respect, and excellence.A dementia capable community recognizes that those with varying stages of dementia want to continue to be an active part of their local community, and takes the initiative to create a welcoming environment for them to do so.

What is the history of the dementia capable movement?

There are many dementia capable and dementia friendly initiatives happening across North Carolina and across the country. The very first group organized in Minnesota, and from that a national organization called Dementia Friendly America emerged.   Currently, local groups like Dementia Capable CARES are the 'boots on the ground' in their individual communities, championing their cause in a variety of ways that fit their community.   Dementia Capable CARES is recognized by Dementia Friendly America.

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